Who Am I
  • A programmer - An Android Programmer
  • A music lover (all kinds of music)
  • A tech lover
  • And an English learner :( - I'm pretty much ok with English now, but I'm trying to learn Japanese at the moment
  • A computer & internet addict
  • A web programming lover - Well, things have changed a little bit, currently I'm into mobile apps and related stuff, but a cool web app or an awesome design will always gets my attention :-)
  • A DotA player (DotA stands for "Defense of the Ancients" - a custom game of Warcraft III) - A LoL player (LoL stands for "League of Legends" - A similar game to DotA) - Lately, I don't have time to play game anymore, but that kind of game (DotA and LoL) will always be one of my biggest hobbies
Stay in touch
I have moved to Japan not long ago, and it's been extremely busy here. I have never had time to improve this homepage, but still, I like its simplicity, so I think I will keep this style for a while until I found some motivation to remake this. Updated: June 9th, 2014

I will make this home page better as soon as I have free time, hope you will find changes everytime you come here. Updated: Jan 28th, 2012